Axe Throwing


The Wood Shed is a place unlike anything Central Alberta has ever seen. Come here with your friends, colleagues, teammates, family, or any other group to experience this one-of-a-kind activity together, the timeless rugged sport of axe throwing. 

Yes, axe throwing, in all its rustic glory, has come to Central Alberta. 

Rooted in hundreds of years of logging heritage, this raw but sophisticated activity has now become accessible to everyone. Our coaches will share their knowledge with you and help ensure your safety while you throw, but once your axe is in the air you’ll feel a unique rush and only have one thought: this is fantastic.

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Public Walk-in

Informal axe throwing and instruction is available to individuals on an hourly basis for $20.00/person (including tax) at select times on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

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Group Events

When’s the last time you and your friends truly did something together? Parties, team building events, or a casual night out with friends. We welcome anyone who’s ready to embrace the rugged history of our sport and learn something totally different. Grab your crew and come see for yourself!

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Sharpen your skills and commit to taking the craft of your throwing to the next level with regular competition against other caliber individuals and similarly dedicated throwers. Compete worldwide as part of the World Axe Throwing League.

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Who can throw

Are spectators allowed?

Yes, spectators are always more than welcome, at no cost. Come and cheer on your friends, family and colleagues and become part of the electric atmosphere. All spectators must book in advance, we do have limits on occupancy in the venue and we need to make sure we have the space for onlookers.

Can I bring my child or baby?

Children are welcome to come as spectator. We require that parents or guardians closely monitor children at all times while within the facility. Your child must be in your immediate care at all times as there are axes being thrown.

Please be aware that our facilities are designed for an adult audience, and as such there can be a lot of loud noises such as music, axes and cheering that may be unsettling for young children.

Can I throw if I’m pregnant?

Yes, That is a personal decision based on your physical condition.

However, just like any extreme sport, we highly recommend you seek you Doctor’s advice prior to participating.

Is there an age limit?

Yes, normally participants must be 18 years old. However teenagers 16 and up may participate with a parents or guardian supervision.The parent or guardian must sign a waiver on behalf of the adolescent prior to participation.

Is it co-ed?

Yes! Girls and Guys are equally awesome at throwing axes. It’s technique that will make you a winner, not strength.

Safety and Insurance

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured.

Do I need to sign a liability waiver?

Yes. A copy of our liability waiver, which must be signed by all guests before throwing, is available here. or may be emailed upon request. Spectators are not required to sign a waiver.

Is axe throwing safe?

Yes. As with all sports there is a degree of risk involved. The Wood Shed employees conduct a safety orientation before each session and we are very strict in making sure that everyone is throwing the axes in a safe manner. We closely monitor our facility and patrons to ensure a safe and fun environment for everyone. We have dozens of protective measures in place, such as chain link fencing and a separated spectator area for guests who aren’t throwing. We have a no tolerance policy for excessive drinking in The Wood Shed. Patrons will not be allowed to throw axes while intoxicated.

What to Bring

What shoes and clothing should I wear?

You must wear closed toe shoes when throwing axes.

If you are wearing opened-toe shoes, or shoes that leave the top of your foot exposed, such as flip-flops, sandals, ballerinas or light fabric shoes, you will not be allowed to throw. High heels are also not recommended.

We also recommend a comfortable, loose fitting top that won’t restrict arm or upper body movement. Hoodies are not recommended, however.

Can I bring my own axe?

No, all participants must use the equipment provided by The Wood Shed staff.

Can I bring food or snacks?

You’re welcome to bring food and beverages.

Glass Bottles are not permitted.

Do you serve alcohol/can I bring alcohol?


How it works?

What is the cost ?

To book an event at The Wood Shed, you must be a group of 6 participants, $30 per person.

What if my group size changes?

You’re welcome to bring more or fewer guests than selected when booking. Our minimum group size is 6 people; please let us know if your party will be more than 20 so we can adjust space and staffing accordingly.

What are your hours?

As an event-based business, The Wood Shed doesn’t have regularly scheduled retail hours aside from our weekly walk-ins. Scheduled private axe throwing events take place Mondays – Saturdays.

So if you are thinking of dropping in to check out our venue (Which you are more than welcome to do) make sure you email us and to check if we have a session running and that staff will be in attendance.

Do I get my own target? How many lanes will my group get?

Our staff will determine the appropriate number of targets/lanes based on your group size. Each group will have their own target(s).

Do I need to book in advance?

This is a detailed comparison (link to price page) of our services.
A private event is great for adult birthday parties, corporate team building functions, bachelor/bachelorette parties, and much more. Whereas, our public walk-in sessions are a chance to experience axe throwing at designated times each week in a public setting with shared space. Walk-in sessions are similar to public skating, skiing or swimming – guests will use a common area with other participants and may need to make allowance for shared use of space.
Private throwing areas are only guaranteed for private events and parties.

How many people can I bring?

For private axe throwing tournaments we can host a full range of group sizes: from 6 – 40 people. Please let us know if your party will be more than 20 so that we can adjust space and staff accordingly.

What’s the format, and how long does it last?

Our axe throwing events last for approximately 2 hours. The event starts with roughly 30 minutes of instruction and practice with one of our coaches, before starting a group round robin tournament to crown a champion.

How do I join the league?

League information like start dates, times and registration fees, can be found on our Facebook Page.

Axe Throwing League Format?

In May 2017 we became a member of WATL the (World Axe Throwing League).
Our axe throwing league will run for 8 weeks. You will be allowed to have practice throws and warm up (be there on time or early). For the first 7 weeks everyone will get at least 40 competitive throws per night.

Your score for each throw will be tallied and recorded. This will ensure that we’re not ranking you based on who you go up against, rather, your skills at hitting the bullseye to get top scores. They will then make it to the Championship Tournament in week 8 to determine the Axe Throwing League Champion!

Food and Beverage

Can I bring outside food & beverages?

Yes – bringing your own outside food and non-alcoholic drinks is permitted, including outside delivery. Glassware however is NOT PERMITTED.

Do you allow alcohol?

You’re welcome to bring your own outside food and beverages, however alcohol is not permitted, so please limit things to non-alcoholic drinks.

Do you allow outside catering?

You’re welcome to arrange for outside catering, so long as actual cooking of food doesn’t occur on site.

Do you have food available for purchase?

We do have a small concession with snacks and cold drinks available for purchase, and you’re also welcome to bring your own.

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